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Looking forward to the rest of round 1...I am also a swing for the fences guy! In this particular draft when you get to the late teens or so I think alot of teams are going to be considering mighty swings. The draft ranges for players not taken in the top 20 or so will be very wide!

That's why I believe that in this years' 2nd round early on there will be some real steal opportunities. With my Cavs picking in the 38 range or so I will be monitoring the potential high upside leftovers VERY closely!

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As a Pistons' fan, I would definitely endorse a Cade/Paolo pairing. My view is a little different, however. I think Cade's ultimate value will be off the ball - I think his shooting will eventually settle down into a 40% 3 point range - while I see Paolo, at his best, as a jumbo Magic/Lebron/Grant Hill/Luka-style on-ball creator. Imagine a 6-10 Paolo, handling the ball and dishing off to 6-7 Cade....Unfortunately, Duke has taken the ball out of Paolo's hands, but if you look at the first couple of games, you can clearly see Paolo's inclination and talent for being a primary ballhandler. For opposing teams, they would be a nightmare, as a backcourt. Would there be defensive problems...maybe...but I'd put the opposing team in a trick bag by having a backcourt with 6'10" and 6'7 players switching off on and off the ball.

If they cannot get Paolo, I'd be happy with any of the top guys - Jabari, Holmgren, Ivey, Davis, Griffen...any of those players would be nice consolation prizes.

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Enjoyed this write up Rafeal.

A lot of draft analysts have said Paolo and Cade wouldn’t be an ideal fit, but I completely agree with you that they could be a great fit for all the reasons you stated.

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u nailed the kessler pick for charleotte. he would fit great next to pj washington!

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