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Enjoyed the podcast with Tony Jones.....Sounds like Patrick Baldwin will be falling in your next big board! Tony was right about Okoro not being able to shoot a lick...but I would disagree with his same assessment of Lamar Stevens. He has been working on his 3 ball and unlike Okoro..he can shoot a wide variety of jumpshots...I honestly have never seen Okoro take a jumpshot of any kind. Okoro does fit well with the Cavs but moving forward NO WAY should he be starting at the 2 in the future unless he starts displaying some form of offense that keeps the defense honest.. Still wish the Cavs took Haliburton at 5 instead...there were people in the organization lobbying for him. So glad that we have Mobley. He and Garland are the 2 huge building blocks of what could be a long playoff run and hopefully one day a championship run!

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