Scouting Reports: Kai Jones, Corey Kispert, Sharife Cooper

2021 NBA Draft Scouting Reports

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This week I tackle picks No. 12, 14 and 15 on my Big Board 4.0: Texas’ Kai Jones, Gonzaga’s Corey Kispert and Auburn’s Sharife Cooper


Age 20.4 | 6'11" | 220 |
Birthdate: Jan 18, 2001

Primary Values: Size, mobility

Bottom line: Jones is one of the high-risk, high-reward prospects. His size, mobility and athleticism, combined with an emerging perimeter game, are very attractive to scouts. However, he is one the least NBA-ready prospects in the draft. Whoever drafts him is going to have to be patient and let him develop his feel for the game and figure out exactly who he is on the offensive end. 

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Age 20.2 | 6'7" | 220 |
Birthdate: Mar 3, 1999

Primary Values: Shooting

Bottom line: Kispert is the best shooter in the draft. Is that enough to warrant a lottery pick? Perhaps. He has the requisite size, athleticism and efficiency to make him an almost sure-fire NBA role player. The floor on Kispert is pretty high. However, there isn’t a lot of upside left here. Joe Harris is a great comp, but he didn’t get drafted until the second round. Given the volatility in this draft after pick 5, I think Kispert will likely hear his name called somewhere between 10 and 15.

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Age 19.8 | 6'1" | 180 |
Birthdate: June 11, 2001

Primary Values: Speed, passing

Bottom line: Cooper is an electric scorer and passer who uses his speed and quickness to get anywhere. He’s arguably the most dynamic offensive player in the draft. Alas, his lack of size, poor shooting and high-turnover game are significant problem areas that make him a less-than-ideal fit in the NBA. If he can improve his jump shot, make better decisions with the ball and step it up defensively, he could be a star. But right now he has too many holes in his game for teams to take a risk on him too high in the draft.

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