Scouting Reports: Barnes, Johnson, Moody

2021 NBA Draft Scouting Reports on Scottie Barnes, Jalen Johnson and Moses Moody

Every week I will be rolling out in-depth scouting reports on the top prospects in the 2021 NBA Draft.

I’ll go in-depth on player strengths, weaknesses, statistical strengths and weaknesses, and rank key player attributes for each player. 

This week I tackle picks No. 9, 10 and 13 on my Big Board 4.0: Florida State’s Scottie Barnes, Duke’s Jalen Johnson and Arkansas’ Moses Moody

Scottie Barnes

Age 19.7 | 6'9" | 227 | Wingspan: 7’2”
Birthdate: August 1, 2001

Bottom line: Barnes is one of the more unique prospects I’ve scouted. Finding a comp for him is challenging. Scouts who love him (a handful think he is a top-5 prospect) invoke the names of Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen, Kawhi Leonard and Ben Simmons -- ridiculously huge shoes to fill. Those that aren’t as enamored worry that what Barnes does best -- playmaking and providing defensive versatility -- will be overshadowed by what he doesn’t do ... at least not yet. Will he be enough of an offensive threat -- as a shooter or a scorer -- to be a star?

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Jalen Johnson

Age 19.3 | 6'9" | 220 |
Birthdate: Dec 18, 2001

Bottom line: Johnson is another unique prospect who possesses guard-like tools in a power forward’s frame. His athleticism, strength and size as a wing are intriguing. However, to maximize his pro potential, he’s going to have to develop a go-to jump shot and add more creativity to his game. The fact that he played just 13 games for Duke -- and the team struggled during his time there -- raises questions as well. His draft stock is fairly volatile at the moment. Some scouts still see him as a potential top-7 or top-8 pick. Others have him on the lottery bubble.

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Moses Moody

Age 18.9 | 6'6" | 205 |
Birthdate: May 31, 2002

Bottom line: Moody checks a lot of boxes when it comes to 3-and-D wings. He is long, has a good 3-point shot and can defend on and off the ball. Those tools make him a less risky prospect than other players in this range, with a higher floor. However, his lack of elite athletic tools limits his ceiling significantly on both ends of the floor. He’s going to need to be close to a 40% 3-point shooter with significant volume to maximize his value in the NBA.

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