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Big news: Rafael Barlowe joins the NBA Big Board team!

Barlowe to provide NBA Draft video analysis, scouting, Big Boards, Mock Drafts and more

After going at this solo for almost a year, I have big news today. My favorite NBA draft analyst, Rafael Barlowe, has agreed to come on as my full partner and Director of Scouting at NBA Big Board.

I’ve been able to work with Rafael closely over the past year over on the podcast side of NBA Big Board, and have been deeply impressed by his scouting acumen, creativity, motor and humility.

He’s become a leading voice in scouting both international and domestic draft prospects, and he provides analysis and insight I think our subscribers will highly value.

Check out his introductory video above to get a feel for his journey and what he brings to the table.

Expect Rafael to provide weekly video scouting content (something many of our subscribers have asked for), in-depth scouting reports and a stronger evaluation of international talent as well as Big Boards, Mock Drafts and featured content on the podcast.

We are making his posts free at first, but afterward his content will be for paid subscribers only — and it will be a key addition to our coverage throughout draft season, including the June 23 NBA Draft and beyond.

Make sure you follow Rafael on Twitter.

And look for his first piece in your inbox next week!

And if you haven’t already become a paid subscriber … today is great day to do so!

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