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Chad Ford’s NBA BIG Board is a deep dive into his 20+ years of work with the NBA Draft.

The NBA BIG Board Newsletter is the place to go to find out what NBA scouts and execs think about the top prospects in the draft. Unlike most NBA Draft newsletters where the writers are playing the role of NBA scout with their own takes on who they think should go where, my Big Boards and Mock Drafts are based on conversations I have with NBA scouts and executives about how they rank players in the draft. 

Of course, I have my own opinions about the players, too, and I'll provide those here as well.

I started covering the NBA draft 24 years ago, with 16 of those years spent traveling all over the U.S. and the world covering the NBA and the draft for ESPN.

After a hiatus of two years, I started my NBA Big Board podcast and now I’m excited to begin writing again about the draft.

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About Chad Ford

My work with the draft started when I co-founded Sportstalk.com and NBAtalk.com with my good friend Jason Peery.  The website started its first draft page in 1996 by aggregating together various drafts found around the internet.  As my relationship with NBA teams and scouts grew, I began doing original draft coverage in 1997.  

In 2001, Jason and I sold Sportstalk.com to ESPN and I spent the next four years working full-time with ESPN as a senior editor and writer covering the NBA and NBA Draft.

I continued doing draft work for ESPN.com until the summer of 2017. Because of contractual issues, I spent the next two years sitting out the draft because of a non-compete with ESPN.  In March of 2020, I started my NBA BIG Board podcast on the LockedOn Podcast Network just in time for the 2020 NBA Draft.

I also am a full-time professor teaching peacebuilding at BYU-Hawaii, a board member for a cool non-profit, PeacePlayers, that combines basketball and conflict resolution and am the author of a new book Dangerous Love: Transforming Fear and Conflict at Home, at Work and in the World (which you should definitely read if you have conflict in your life right now).